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Crossings CD
Our CD Crossings contains most of the longer instrumental pieces we’ve composed over the last five years and was recorded by the renowned Andy Bell (of Bellowhead fame) in two locations on the Wales/England border. Below are some reviews of it, and below that is where you can listen to a few clips and then buy a copy! Please note this album is only available as a CD, not as a digital download.

‘…a very substantial piece of work, up there with the finest of roots-based, or indeed any, instrumental music from England and Wales… wonderfully rich, inventive music that twists and turns, strong on melodic glimpses and shifting asymmetric rhythms, full of imagery and evoking all sorts of connections. It moves through gorgeous lyricism, delicacy, surging power and bow-digging wildness, often in the same piece… with the duetting instruments tracking and bouncing off one another in extraordinary communication and empathy.’  Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

A melding of minds, souls and musical passion…a marvellous album of high-spirited warmth.’ Liverpool Sound & Vision

‘An absolutely knockout debut album… a scintillating and satisfying cooking-pot in which folk, classical and jazz genres are magically blended, mixed, shaken and stirred…John and Faith compose nine tracks, bar one; the lovely little piece ‘Fingal’ was written by the Swedish fiddler and Filarfolket member Ellika Frisell. No session players appear – the hypnotic and appealing combination of just two musicians is very simple, but it really works. Violin and viola dance alluringly with the grand, rich tones of the piano or the folky wholesomeness of the accordion and, for a brief time, the concertina…The music is blissfully and tantalisingly enigmatic…The history of John and Faith’s many collaborations makes fascinating and complicated reading, which is why they create and conjure such inspiring musical magic…Crossings is not a relaxing easy-listen; it’s as if John and Faith are coaxing and tempting the audience to sample another tasty plate of mental nourishment. File under ‘Play Again and Again’. FIVE STAR CHOICE.
Mick Tems, FolkWales Online

‘A superb album that shows off the synergy of their different but complementary musical voices… This is music to enchant and mesmerise… Late at night, it is a soundtrack for introspection. On a bright clear morning, these are hymns to the joy of living. Music for the head and heart, then, that comes highly recommended.’ Aaron Jackson,

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Tracks (click on underlined track titles for short clips)
1 New Invention
2 Fingal (by Ellika Frisell)
3  The Plastic Bridge
4  Bonizac
5  Fifteen
6  The Devil’s Aeronaut
7  Echo’s Bones
8 Enlli
9  Number Six
10 Wladfa

Total playing time 54m 7s, Monoline Records MLRC1.
All tracks except no. 2 composed and arranged by Faith Brackenbury & John Neilson.
Faith Brackenbury: violin, viola. John Neilson: piano, accordion, concertina.

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