About us

Faith Brackenbury and John Neilson started playing as a duo in 2013. We compose most of our stuff. The pieces nearly always begin life as free improvisations, and are then gradually knocked into shape. In concerts we also include shorter tunes (some trad, some by other people) and the odd – sometimes very odd – song.

Faith (fiddle, viola, piano) played classical violin as a child but was soon drawn into folk music, then jazz, which she went on to study at Brunel University and Birmingham Conservatoire. She plays in several combos and also composes. Her playing with John draws on the many strands of her musical background.

John (accordion, piano, occasional bouzouki and concertina) has co-founded various outfits over the years including Manticore, Francisco the Man, Bosco and Half Six, who have all done their own thing with traditional music.